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Navasota Is Cracking Down On Abandoned Homes

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The search is on in Navasota for owners of a about two dozen dilapidated homes.

The city of Navasota is taking action on 23 properties that were considered "unlivable"

Jim Ward is the city's building inspector and says after a thorough inspection, they tagged the homes as unlivable conditions and owners must bring them up to livable standards or they will be demolished with a lean attached to the land.

"We ride around town and look for structures that are in need for repair that might be an attractive nuisance for children and attractive we mean it would bring them there, not that its good looking," says Ward.

Owners of these abandoned homes have been notified by the city to appear before council on August 8th to decide whether to fix up their property or have it torn down.

The committee checked out the main beams of the homes to see if there was termite infestation or dry rot. They also wanted to make sure the home was secure, so no one can get in. Ward says they fear children in the neighborhood might wander around and into the unstable structure.

"If we leave one house where the roof is falling down, and falling off, the sophets are falling down. The weeds are growing in the yard. Then the guy next door starts saying why should I take care of my house, if they're not having to and it spreads. So by heading it off while its still isolated cases, we can ensure the neighborhoods stay vital and a nice place for people to live," says Ward.

The 23 homes hold more than $32,000 in taxes due or past due. So if there is no response, and the city has to demolish the home, the city will more than likely not get its money back.