Local Residents Flood Local Stores To Prepare For Rita

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Local residents aren't taking any risks when it comes to preparing for Rita. At Home Depot check out lines have been standing room only since early in the morning. Residents are buying items to board up their houses and prepare for long-term power outages.

"Half inch plywood has been going real well, we sold out of that early this morning. Aside from that it will be flashlights, batteries, all the hurricane supplies you'll need. We actually supplied a grocery store with water because they ran out," said John Mitchel, Manager, Home Depot.

However, Home Depot isn't the only place where the lines seem to be grid locked. Gas stations have lines many cars deep and some grocery stores have been sold out of some items such as water all day.

"We're probably over reacting just a little bit, but it never hurts to be prepared," said Barbara Holley, local resident.

"I tried to get some water and batteries at Wal-Mart and they were sold out. But to say that's over reacting, I think its just being careful," said Roger Burton, local resident.

Local stores say people are coming here from all over Southeast Texas to buy items that are already sold out elsewhere.

"We've had people from everywhere come in, Galveston, El Campo even as far south as Corpus Christi," said Mitchel.

Even though some stores are sold out of popular items like water and batteries, they will be re-stocking shelves this evening and as more supplies arrive.