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Negotiations Continue in Brymer Settlement Dispute

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Negotiations between College Station and Tom Brymer are not over.

Brymer's attorney Wayne Rife was expected to file lawsuits against the city and council members Nancy Berry, Chris Scotti, Ron Gay and John Happ on Tuesday but that's been postponed.

Rife says he doesn't want to negotiate in the media but says they have made progress since Monday night and delays have pushed back the deadline to Friday.

Rife says both the council and Brymer are negotiating in good faith, even though a deadline of Tuesday at noon was expected.

Monday night the council only met for 45 minutes to discuss the issue.

Rife hasn't said if any of Brymer's demands have changed but the council will hold another executive session at Thursday's meeting.

Brymer was fired over a week ago because the council says it wanted to go in a different direction.

Last week the council reinstated Brymer under a threat of being sued for a possible violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Violating that law can be prosecuted criminally with a punishment of removal from office for any offenders found guilty.

Rife and Brymer say they'd want to put this to rest preferably outside the court system.

The new deadline will also coincide with an interview Brymer has for a city manager position in Gainsville, Florida later this week.