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Code Enforcement Concerns

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Annette Stephanie addressed Bryan's city council on behalf of her 85 year old mother, who could have been fined up to $2,000 for not mowing her lawn. The letter from the city says she was violating a city code. Stephanie says elderly residents can't always keep up with their yards.

" All they thought about was $2,000 if we don't mow it. And these people are on fixed income. They can't just jump up and get somebody to clear their lot off," said Stephanie.

Councilman Paul Madison heard from several residents in his district who where upset after getting tickets from code enforcement. So he brought the issue to council hoping for some help.

" They really want to beautify the city. Each individual I've talked to, none of them have stated they were against code enforcement and ordinances, they just wanted to make sure the playing field was level," said Madison.

Keep Brazos Beautiful's director, Laura Tankersley Glenn, offered a solution that went over well. She proposed creating a community tool shed. The tools would be donated and volunteers would help those who can't physically do yard work.

Parking was another big topic. Some residents who were ticketed for parking on their lawns, spoke out and say the streets aren't wide enough to park on.

" These are the types of situations that we're looking at and trying to see if we can tweak some of these ordinances," said Madison.

The council is expected to talk more about code enforcement issues at its next meeting.

Bryan Police code enforcement officers say they have always given residents verbal warnings first and given them ample time to come into compliance before issuing tickets. Police say Stephanie's mother has not been fined, but warned to get in compliance.