Brazos County Shelters at Capacity

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Brazos County shelters are full and officials are turning evacuees away.

Around 5:30 pm Thursday nearly 3,500 evacuees were in Bryan/ College Station and officials say they cannot accommodate anymore. 26 shelters are open at at full capacity. Officials are now directing evacuees north towards Austin and Waco.

Officials will meet for a conference call with the National Weather Service Friday afternoon at 3:00 and decide if there is a need to open up shelters for local residents. If there is, officials ask that only the elderly and people who live in mobile homes or low lying areas go to those shelters.

What to take when seeking shelter, plan for 96 hours:

For those who live in low-lying areas or in manufactured housing, you are encouraged to seek more reliable shelter as the storm approaches. If doing so, please take bedding, water, food, multiple sources of identification and prescription medications. Whether you are staying in a designated shelter or with friends/family, these items will make your stay easier.

Because power and water outages are possible, residents should expect to be self-sustaining for 96 hours. This entails having enough non-perishable food and water on hand. Emergency management and public safety officials are asking that residents avoid Texas 6 due to heavy evacuation traffic. If you are traveling around town, PLEASE use alternate routes.