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Roberts' Documents at Bush Library

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Ever since President Bush announced John Roberts as his nominee for the next Supreme Court Justice, people have been trying to figure out Roberts' personal and legal views.

Reporters and political groups have been digging for any evidence that could provide a better outlook. The George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M may hold the key.

"We've had an interest from a number of major media outlets and we've had FOIA, Freedom of Information Act requests, filed by a major media outlet," said Warren Finch, the Bush Library's director.

Finch says he's not quite sure what, if any details, the documents housed at the library can provide.

"There are approximately 140 pages; of that, 70 pages are available for research and approximately 70 pages are currently unavailable for research. He was appointed as deputy solicitor general during the Bush administration and we have a lot of the documents here that deal with his appointment to that office," said Finch.

Media outlets have also filed requests with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. Roberts worked in the counsel's office that advised president Reagan from 1982 to 1986.

This is the first time the Bush Presidential Library has received requests for documents for a Supreme Court nominee. There is no word yet on when those documents will be released.

Finch says the National Archives has granted a courtesy expedite which means the documents should be available faster than normal, but if documents don't turn up anything on where Roberts stands on controversial issues, court watchers will have to wait until his confirmation hearings later this summer.