Making Your Home Safe When Rita Visits

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Preparing your home for the winds and rain of Hurricane Rita is crucial. However dangerous the storm ends up, there is still the chance for structural damage.

Janie Harris, who is a housing specialist for the Texas Cooperative Extension, walked us through how to prepare your house from the high winds and rain that are going to be coming. First of all, she talked about the plant life around your house.

"One important thing is to get rid of any type of plant that you think is weak or dead, because they certainly can be blown down by wind," Harris said. She also says any limbs hanging above roofs should be trimmed so as to avoid roof damage.

Often times, people have outdoor furniture that can pose a problem when it comes to these high winds. "If at all possible, you can take it indoors or put it inside your garage if you have room, or in a storage building outdoors," Harris said. "But if you have don't have that space, you can turn it upside down."

And obviously, outdoor furniture is not the only thing outdoors and loose. You've got branches and toys that can really be dangerous projectiles.

"The more of the things like this that you can gather up and get put away, the better," Harris said.

Shatterproof windows will hopefully will protect a home, but ome people don't have those windows. There's a rumor that goes around that says if you tape windows, they will be safe.

"That is untrue," Harris explained. "The taping does nothing for the windows. The only thing it might do is if they are slightly cracked, it might keep them from falling apart. But it will not keep them from breaking, and it certainly will not keep the wind from breaking them.

"You need to board them. You need to totally cover them with ply board," she said.