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Questions in Calverts' Failed School Bond Proposal

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Almost two months ago, Calvert ISD was hoping for money to improve their three schools.

Two propositions were up for a vote. Prop One, was to remove the cap on the property tax rate and Prop Two was a $5.3 million bond proposal. The money would go towards building two new campuses for the school district.

Prop One passed, prop two failed by 23 votes.

Superintendent, Morris Ogden says the failure had a lot to do with lack of time to prepare. Ogden says there are no plans to put the bond before voters again.

"We have a couple of board members have talked to me about it, a lot of citizens have brought it up to me. Right now, this time of year we're getting ready for a new year, new budget, figuring out what the state's going to do. There's a lot more things on the table," Ogden.

At Monday night's board meeting, legal papers were presented to the school district contesting the outcome of Proposition Two.

Ezora Jackson filed a claim that illegal votes and human error led to the proposal's defeat. She contends Prop Two should have passed by a margin of two votes.

The suit is asking the election results be overturned and a judge outside Robertson County be appointed to investigate.

Jackson's attorney says they want every vote to count and they would like all irregularities that occurred in the election to be investigated.

Ogden says the board has taken no action at this point. The school district's attorney has filed an answer of opposition to Ms. Jackson's petition.

"He's also filed a discovery, wanting information they have and a list of witnesses they have and what these witnesses are going to say," says Odgen.

The school board will be meeting on August 11 to meet with the attorney's of both parties and proceed from there.