More Volunteers Needed

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2,000 Brazos Valley volunteers stepped up to help with hurricane Katrina a few weeks ago, and officials hope they'll do the same thing for Rita now. With the overwhelming number of evacuees, volunteers are needed now more than ever to staff the shelters.
Mike Parks with the volunteer center is hoping more people will sign up to help at the evacuee shelters in Bryan and College Station.

"It's going to take every one of us that are still available to serve," said Parks.

Many church shelters are understaffed and volunteers that have been giving their time are getting worn out. Volunteers are charged with serving food, setting up cots and finding bedding and keeping the peace among the hundreds of evacuees within the shelters.

Several doctors and nurses have been making rounds in the shelters, but more medical personnel are needed. People with trucks and vans are asked to lend their vehicles to help transport items to shelters.

Volunteers are also needed to comfort and simply talk to the evacuees and those who have a way with kids are especially needed.

"We found containers that we could use for a little makeshift bath tub so we could bathe babies. We had people making formulas so we could feed the infants," said Terresa Katt, a shelter coordinator.

Volunteers are finding that a little motherly love and instinct can go a long way.

The volunteer center is located in the Center for Regional Services on 29th Street in Bryan and will be open through out the night. You can stop by and sign up or call 595-2800.