Reed Arena Revamps Child Care Facility

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Brazos County shelters have exceeded capacity and emergency service providers have scrambled to revamp plans.

One example, Reed Arena which was originally designated as a shelter for college kids from the Houston area. However, as evacuation numbers continued to swell, it became obvious that it was kids of a much younger age that needed the most attention.

"I have my moments of frustration and panic because there are so many children and that's a big thing. There's a lot of children and we are supposed to be getting more," said Kim Kallas, child care coordinator.

Kim Kallas is an A&M student. She operated the shelter in Reed for Katrina and now she is at it again for Rita.

"There are a lot more children and the supplies from Katrina are running low and we're trying to find things for the children to do," said Kallas.

As the stream of evacuees shows no sign of slowing down, Kallas and her team grow nervous. Not only are supplies dwindling, but the number of children may soon grow to more than they can handle.

"We're thinking that we are going to have to do maybe and hour or two hour time slots and rotate in and out," said Kallas.

So while the team at Reed is working to make sure the little ones inside have a safe place to play, it might not be for as long as they hoped.