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New Tires Might Be Old

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There are some things that get better with age. But your tires aren't one of them. There is an easy way to tell exactly how old your tires are.

The new tires you buy for your car may not be as new as you think. Tires can sit in warehouses for years before they're distributed to stores. And just because they're not used doesn't mean they can hold up on the road.

Ron Garza works at House of Tires. He says determining the exact age of your tires is simple.

" On the side of the tire, there is a DOT code and the last 4 digits on the code are numbers and it’s the week of the year," said Garza.

For example 2304 means the tires were made during the 23rd week of 2004. Some tires will have the month, date, and year. Some consumers aren't aware of the label.

Bobby Gutierrez has been in the tire business for most of his life. He's the owner of House of Tires and says age isn't the only factor that can determine the life of a tire.

"It's going to vary depending on your driving habits. Usually you keep them a couple of years. Tires are made now to last longer, they're made to drive longer," said Gutierrez.

Tire specialist say it's also important to note that every time the weather changes so does the condition of your tires.

The dry, Texas heat can lead to tire cracking and poor road conditions can wear your tires down in no time. You shouldn't solely rely on looks when it comes to your tires.

Even though age is nothing but a number that number is very important for our tires.