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Council to Brymer: Resign or Be Fired

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As they walked into the open meeting after their executive session, city officials promised they would make headlines with their decision.

They didn't disappoint.

The city council has made their ultimatum, as Councilmember Susan Lancaster laid out.

"I make a motion that we give Mr. Brymer until 5 PM on Friday, July 29, to resign," she said in Thursday night's open session. "And if Mr. Brymer fails to resign, he will be terminated as of 5 PM on Friday, July 29."

According to the council, if Brymer resigns by the 5 PM deadline Friday, he receives nine months of severance pay, which totals out to around $175,000. He would also receive $1,000 for attorney's fees.

If he doesn't resign, he is fired and receives six months of severance pay, or roughly $130,000.

The motion passed with a 6-0 vote. Councilmember Ben White was not present for the meetings.

There is another caveat in the motion stating if Brymer resigns, he cannot pursue legal action against the mayor, city or councilmembers.

Representing Brymer, attorney Wayne Rife had set Friday as a deadline for the council to meet Brymer's demands, which the council has in part. Brymer was reinstated, but subsequently put on administrative leave. And Thursday, the council offered to reimburse legal fees if he resigned.

Before she made the motion, Councilmember Lancaster made a short statement. "I would like to -- on my behalf, not representing the council -- apologize to Mr. Brymer and our community for any part that I may have played in this situation."

Brymer had demanded an apology from the whole council. Last week, Lancaster abstained from voting when the council decided to reinstate Brymer.

Attempts to get in touch with Brymer and Rife, were unsuccessful.