First Official Return Day For Many

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Rita has made her mark on the Gulf Coast and many evacuees are excited to return home.

"Well, I'm mostly excited to see my friends and family and see their faces again because it didn't have to happen like that. Everybody was safe, nobody got hurt, so I am very thankful for that," said Isadore Barefield, evacuee.

Now that many Texas cities have given the "OK" to return home, it's no surprise that people are excited to leave. For many evacuees Rita was a great learning experience.

"I complain about different stuff then you realize when you're in a shelter that you don't have everything so it kind of humble you and makes you grateful for what you have," said Barefield.

Local Exxon owner Lee Askins says a few stations are prepared for evacuees to start their return home.

"Our distributor is doing a great job of getting us gas," said Askins.

But, the threat of heavy traffic and stations running out of gas again is high. So state officials developed staggered return plan. According to Askins, that plan isn't on everyone's mind.

"The news was telling them to go back in some progression, they all want to get home. I saw a steady flow of traffic starting Saturday morning," said Askins.

So while many have started the journey home, some will have to wait because shuttles won't be leaving until their assigned day.