Residents Evacuated to Make Dam Repairs

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Several East Texas subdivisions were evacuated of hundreds of residents over the weekend amid fears that water being released from a lake could flood their homes.

The Trinity River Authority was releasing water at a rate of
79,000 cubic feet per second from the Lake Livingston dam. The
plan is to relieve pressure on the 30 year old Trinity River dam,
which suffered erosion damage during Hurricane Rita.

Authority spokesman John Jadrosich says those living in low-lying areas of Liberty, Polk and San Jacinto counties downstream were expecting flooding as a result. The water release began Saturday and is expected to continue until noon Tuesday.

More than eleven-hundred residents in small towns and subdivisions in eastern San Jacinto County, southern Polk County and in Liberty were moved out Saturday and Sunday.

Jadrosich says the two-and-a-half-mile-long earthen dam 80 miles
north of Houston was damaged when boulders weighing up to half a
ton were ripped by "monster waves" into the water. He says the
damage is serious and could take months to repair, but the dam is