Stores Rush to Restock Items

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"You know people for everyday life depend on this stuff and there's not any," said Sue Homer, local store manger.

Stores across the Brazos Valley are now in a rush to restock items. Days before Hurricane Rita was scheduled to hit, grocery stores and gas stations were packed with people stocking up for the storm.

"Everybody in town has run out of food so it's been hectic," said Homer.

From water to ice to bread to batteries, items flew off the shelves. Now that the frenzy is finished, stores are having a hard time getting back to normal.

"Now, we don't have anything to sell that people are looking for and it's hard because people are calling all day wanting to know when are you going to get this in, when are you going to get that in," said Erick Cole, manager, Godwin's Grocery.

"You can find weenie's but no cheese or milk but no eggs, it's really hard," said Cadie Bratton, local resident.

Grocery stores and gas stations are working to restock shelves. But stores across the state are backed up and it could be weeks before things are back to normal.

"It will be three to four weeks to get everything back and running again. We're just going to try to get some things back on the shelves for now and later on they'll start trying to build back up," said Cole.

Building back will take many stores some time because they get their shipments from suppliers in Houston. One store manager says, his supplier doesn't know when it will have a full staff to fill orders. So customers will have to be patient while waiting for some items.

"It's going to be real slow getting everything back in here," said Cole.

"And not knowing when we're going to get it back in is really making it bad," said Homer.