One More Day in Space for Discovery

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JOHNSON SPACE CENTER -- The crew of shuttle Discovery will wake up to some good news.

NASA says it will extend their mission by a day. It also says that launch damage caused by debris during the launch was minor. Final certification for re-entry is expected Sunday.

Saturday, two astronauts tested out possible repair techniques, during an almost seven-hour spacewalk. Using something akin to a high-tech caulking gun, Soichi Noguchi and Stephen Robinson squeezed dark goo onto samples of cracked tile, to see how well it worked. Robinson says, it was like working with "licorice-flavored pizza dough."

Because NASA has grounded future shuttle flights, it hopes to get some extra maintenance chores done on the space station. During today's spacewalk, the astronauts restored power to a malfunctioning gyroscope and replaced a broken antenna.