Arrest Made In Navasota Robberies

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Jalen Gross, an 18-year-old man is charged with robbing two Navasota convenient stores within 24 hours.

A customer who visits the store everyday is shocked.

"This is a new breed of kids I would say, they don't have values like we did back in the day because we had neighbors watching," said Johnny Sauls, Navasota resident.

Police reports show that over the weekend on Saturday, October 20th Gross attempted to rob the Fuel Plus gas station, but stopped when he saw customers come in.

Police say the next day on October 21st around 9 a.m. Gross robbed the West End Grocery store with a fake pistol and got away with around $200 dollars.

On Tuesday, October 23rd Jalen Gross came to the Navasota Police Department after friends and family convinced him to talk to police. After the interview he was arrested due to significant evidence.

Police say surveillance cameras link him to both incidents. Still photos from the video were shared with the community in hopes that someone would recognize him. Police traced evidence to his apartment in Houston where they found the same clothes seen in the videos from both days.

Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt says it's a problem with people coming into town and committing crimes.

"They may be traveling from point A to point B whether it be Navasota or any other city and they see an opportunity spare of the moment. Then they take advantage of that and then they are able to leave and go."

While Gross may live in Houston he's no stranger to Navasota, he went to school there as a kid. That's one of the reasons why people were able to identify him so quickly. Jalen Gross is being held in the Grimes County Jail on a $100,000 bond.