Hotline to Report Gang Related Crimes

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Bryan Police say they never knew gang related violent crime was a problem in their neighborhoods, until the residents spoke out. Now, they're doing something about it.

Sergeant Shayne Bush is a member of the deployment team, that investigates gang and narcotic activity.

"There's been an upswing in violent crimes in the city of Bryan and a lot of those are either gang relates or perceived to be gang related," says Bush.

Because of the volume of calls Bryan police department has received about gang-related activity, a hotline has been activated where residents can just pick up the phone and remain anonymous.

"If nobody in the neighborhood is telling us about it, nobody in the neighborhood is saying anything about it. It’s very difficult for us to know things like that are going on," says Bush.

Sergeant Bush says gang-related violent crime is increasing especially in areas like Northwest and east Bryan.

"We need to know where they hang out, what makes you think they're a gang and we'll follow up on each of those as they come in," says Bush.

Just a few months ago, after a string of stabbings, Bryan PD said there wasn't much violent crime or gang-related activity reported in West Bryan. But after feedback from concerned citizens who live in those neighborhoods, police are starting to see things differently.

"We need them to call into us and say here's the problem I'm having in my neighborhood so we can step in and help them out," says Bush.

This hotline will also be for reporting assaults with weapons and premeditated organized criminal activity.

The hotline number is 979-209-5452.