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Calvert ISD Pegged Academically Unacceptable

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The number of academically unacceptable districts increased this year as the state implemented tougher standards. One of those districts that fell under that category is Calvert.

Calvert ISD was one of the two districts in the Brazos Valley that received those ratings, which includes results of the TAKS test, number of graduates and annual dropout rates.

The elementary and junior high were the two pegged with the low ratings.

Joseph Leyva is the Calvert High School principal. He says curriculum is the key to getting those numbers back up.

"You have to have a rigorous curriculum that is relevant to the students needs and abilities and establish a relationship not only with students but the community as well. Those are things we're going to be building on in the next couple of years," Leyva.

While the results showed the junior high and elementary didn't do so well. The high school was able to bring up their numbers. And Calvert ISD says all this means is they will continue to work harder.

"What we're taking a look at is things that worked at HS to bring our grades up and implement them on an appropriate level at elementary and junior high," says Leyva.

Every Texas school is rated according to the criteria set by the Texas Education Agency. The board of trustees must notify property owners and parents in the district of the rating, the improvements in performance and what could happen if the performance does not improve, including the option for parents to pull their children out of the school and move them to another district.

Calvert ISD received a sizeable grant that Leyva believes will only enhance what programs are already in place.

"Because of a grant we were able to get here at the HS, we're also impacting elementary teachers and training them as well in areas such as impact learning, cooperative learning," Leyva.

Leyva says the district as a whole has work to do.