Local Organizations Aid In Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

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Some people have lost everything they own…their homes, cars, precious possessions but local agencies and organizations are lending a helping hand. That's why Joyce Louis says her church is stepping in.

"A communion offering will be taken which will go to the Northeast flood victims," said Louis.

Joyce Louis says her church's women's group also held a garage sale this summer just in case of a disaster like this.

Along with the church, local Red Cross and Salvation Army branches say the best and easiest way to help out is by donating financially.

Salvation Army representative says that they were up North preparing before the storm hit.

"We're trying to get them three square meals, others it's just getting them a someone a hot meal one time a day," said Stephanie Moglia.

The Salvation Army has 300 emergency response vehicles in the Northeast to assist those in need.

The Red Cross has deployed 12 mobile kitchens capable of making 198,000 meals a day and shipped more than 334,000 shelf-stable meals to the area.

Together they're providing meals, shelter, health and cleaning kits, hydration and emotional and spiritual care. And helping victims take steps to getting back to normal.

If you would like to make a donation below you can find links to the Red Cross and The Salvation Army websites.