Juveniles in Bryan Could Be Seeing A Curfew

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Bryan Police are looking for a way to protect and monitor juveniles in the city. Community input from town hall meetings like this one in September spurred discussions.

Assistant Police Chief Freddie Komar will present a proposal to implement a juvenile curfew to the Bryan city council Tuesday.

"Our number one focus or concern is safety and welfare of juveniles. Conversly from a standpoint of hopefully a reduction of juvenile crime. We're taking about juvenile victimization and juvenile criminal," says Komar.

While the proposal is in its early stages, the curfew would require those 16 and under to not be in public places from midnight to 5 a.m. About 34 other communities in Texas have a juvenile curfew in place and Bryan is hoping it will be able to join them.

"We feel like it's a part of our job when we become aware of whether it be an ordinance, technique. Something that's effective in other jurisdictions to at least look at it. Overall it is deemed as an effective means of combating," says Komar.

The juvenile curfew has been discussed before, but this is the first time action is being taken.