Protests Against Bush Library Speaker

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Some 200 protesters lined up outside the Bush Library, voicing displeasure over their featured speaker Monday, Harvard professor Samuel Huntington. In book and lectures, he has called for stricter immigration laws, and says more and more, there is not one America, but two now since the Hispanic wave of immigration.

"[It] is whether the people in that wave of immigration will assimilate to the same degree and in the same way," Huntington put at issue.

Protesters were angered not only by Huntington's views, but also by the university allowing him to come.

"I think it's pretty disgusting that you would invite somebody to this campus -- granted, who has a free speech right -- but you don't need to pay someone $10,000 to come and denigrate the people that keep this campus running smoothly," said Jenni Mueller, one of the protestors.

Steve Moore, speaking for the university, defended bringing Huntington to A&M, saying, "In the academic environment, there's a lot of people from a lot of different views. We think it's important that we cultivate that and promote that."

A five-person group came in support of Huntington, and were met with peaceful but opposing views. "Certainly, I think their criticism and their protest of an individual such as him is especially off base," said TJ Litafik, one of the five students.

But the mostly Hispanic display opposing, in their mind, a controversial view point rang loud. "Being National Hispanic Month, being Columbus Day, who founded America from Spain, to us, it feels like a slap in the face," said Greg Rodriguez.