Business Booming in Downtown Bryan

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If you've driven through Downtown Bryan lately, you know it's growing. More people are shopping, working, eating and even living in the area.

Downtown has changed dramatically over the years. Eighty years ago it would be hard to believe it would house a business like Fibertown.

Fibertown is a data center which protects companies information in case of a disaster.

"Now, we're attracting attention from companies in Houston that see us as a logical place to move some of their operations in case of future hurricanes," Randall Spradley with Fibertown said.

Fibertown is also an urban development company helping to revitalize downtown.

"Bryan, College Station and the Brazos Valley needs a well developed urban area where people can walk all day without getting in their car," Spradley said, "that's got all the services they need, whether it's the office the grocery store or the restaurant."

In the next few years, you can expect more businesses, boutiques, luxury apartments and restaurants.

"I got the idea when I first saw downtown because it such a wonderful place," restaurateur Ludwig Kapser said. "I think it's an area where restaurants and old fashion shops should be."

Murphy's Law, an Irish pub, and a neighboring German restaurant will open their doors in the next two months.

"Life is so often in the fast lane," Kapser said. "We try to slow it down a bit here."

Whether it's eating or relaxing, Downtown Bryan is getting an economic boost.