Voters Lift Their Voices Throughout Brazos County

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We talked to voters in Navasota and Caldwell, who have their pick and believe you have to use your voice or you lose it.

"You gonna get a change if you don't vote and it may not be the change that you want to get and I feel that every man and women that is able to vote to get out and vote," said Henry Williams, Caldwell resident.

"It's empowering, it's awesome it's an honor to get out there and vote," said Kristen Bingham.

One thing for sure is voters have their reasons on why they choose a certain candidate for President.

"He's not pro-oil and gas like Romney is and again that's what it comes down to for me because that's my livelihood," said Bingham.

"Just his track record you know..getting the troops back over here, getting oil back producing on American soil, that's one of the deciding factors for me," said Rashone Walton.

Despite their differences they all agree that everyone should get out and vote.

The future will tell who our next leader will be.