College Station To Ticket Fire Lane Parking Violators

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Come Monday, November 12th, anyone parking an unattended vehicle in a fire lane in Northgate may receive a hefty fine.

Companies delivering in the area will be expected to have a person in the truck to move it out of the fire lane in case of an emergency.

"Well we've been parking in this loading zone, fire lane for you know 15 years. To all of a sudden start Monday writing citations is a little bit of a shock," said Lark Camacho with Jack Hilliard Distributing.

Warnings were given out Friday by city workers, but city officials say citations for being parked in a fire lane will be $138 dollars.

The city provides a designated loading zone for delivery on Patricia Street, but only one truck at a time. Other options could be to work with private parking companies in the area.

The City of College Station has made pedestrian and bike improvements to the area and with those changes come stricter parking regulations said Lance Simms, Assistant Director of Planning and Development Services.

"You cannot by a code of the adopted ordinances leave a vehicle unattended in a fire lane and we've seen some of that happening so we're moving to correct that," Simms said.

Although, some believe this may hurt businesses, the city is putting safety first.