Test Drive a Car, Fight Breast Cancer

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It was a day of hope and help for the many thousands of people that are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Residents from all over the Brazos Valley came out today to Garlyn Shelton BMW to test drive cars for a cure.

It's called the Ultimate Drive, and for every mile driven on the test drives, BMW donated one dollar to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

There was one test driver today that felt the special need to come out and support the cause.

Amanda Lieja is passionate about curing breast cancer. So when she heard about the BMW Ultimate Drive, she had to come out and take a spin.

But Amanda has a personal reason for supporting breast cancer research.

"I have inflammatory breast cancer, its a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer," Lieja said.

A form of cancer that struck very quickly.

"It turned out I was having these real bad chest pains on my left side because that's where it was on my left side," Lieja said. "It kinda swelled up and doubled in size and I was like this not right."

It was not right because most people think breast cancer is an older person's disease, but Amanda was only 25.

"Who gets cancer at 25?" Lieja said. "You always hear people who are like in their 40's or their 50's, around that age."

Now 26, Amanda just finished chemotherapy and is now in radiation, not fun to say the least.

"I did get to the point where I would feel really bad and did feel real nauseous," Lieja said.

But today is one of the good days. Amanda is feeling better, so she is out on the road having fun while she helps all the others who are suffering with her.

"It's one of those things we need to get rid of this somehow," Lieja said. "Because its really bad and it kills lots of people every year."

And to see all those who turned out that know Amanda and don't, it makes her feel that much better.

"It's good to know that people who haven't been affected by this like from a sister, mom or daughter, that they're willing to come out here and spend the time and raise money," Lieja said.

Money to help patients of all ages.