Audio Tapes Raise Concerns

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There's been a delay in the capital murder trial of Timothy Lewis. The trial came to a halt Thursday afternoon and jurors were sent home early.

The jury dismissed early Thursday due to a legal ruling concerning some audio tapes.

Thursday morning the prosecution played more audio tapes of detectives questioning Lewis after he was taken into custody. On the tapes Lewis denied causing the injuries which led to his stepson, Tyrone Fenner, Jr.'s death.

A second phone conversation between Lewis and Fenner's mother, Virginia Lewis, was also submitted into evidence, but there were some questions concerning the rest of the audio tapes the prosecution intended to play and Judge Langley sent the jury home after lunch.

Court will reconvene Friday morning with the lead detective on the stand once again.

Virginia Lewis is expected to take the stand Friday or Monday. During opening arguments defense attorneys told jurors that her testimony would be critical.