Executions to Resume; Four from Brazos Valley on Death Row

Russell Brewer
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The Supreme Court has upheld Kentucky's method of execution by lethal injection.

The justices turned away a challenge that described the use of three drugs to sedate, paralyze and kill inmates as "cruel and unusual punishment."

The decision clears the way for states to resume executions that have been on hold for months, including Texas.

Here in the Brazos Valley there are 4 inmates on the state's death row.

Three of them are from Brazos County, one is from Grimes County

The four are Carl Blue, Marcus Druery, Russell Brewer, and Ronnie Hyde.

PROFILES OF INMATES: (courtesy Texas Dept. of Justice)

Russell Lawrence Brewer

Prior Occupation: Laborer

Prior Prison Record: TDCJ-ID #457970 on a 7 year sentence from Delta County for 2 counts Burglary of a Habitation; 02/10/88 release on Parole; 05/09/89 returned from Parole with a new conviction of 15 years concurrent for 1 count Possession of a Controlled Substance Cocaine; 05/02/91 release on Parole; 02/08/94 returned Parole Violator; 09/05/97 released on Mandatory Supervision.

Summary of Incident: Brewer was convicted in the murder of a black male occurring on 06/07/98. The offense involved Brewer and two co-defendants torturing and killing a 49-year old handicapped black male during the nighttime hours, in rural Jasper County, Texas. The victim was observed in the back of a pickup truck occupied by Brewer and his co-defendants. This was the last occasion the victim was seen alive by persons other than Brewer and his co-defendants. Brewer and his co-defendants drove to an isolated spot on a logging road where they beat and tormented the victim, then tied him to a logging chain, which was hooked to the pickup truck. Brewer and his co-defendants then dragged the victim to his death, leaving his decapitated and dismembered body to be found the following day by citizens and law enforcement officials. It was argued in court that Brewer and his co-defendants engaged in this criminal act, in part, due to their racially separatist affiliation with the Confederate Knights of America and the Ku Klux Klan. Brewer and one co-defendant were documented members of the Confederate Knights of America and a large number of Ku Klux Klan and other racial separatist organization paraphernalia was discovered in a residence occupied by the three.

Marcus Druery

Prior Occupation: Tire Repairman, Ranch Hand, Laborer

Prior Prison Record: None

Summary of Incident: On October 31, 2002, in Brazos County, Texas, Druery and co-defendants Pitts and Harris drove a 20 year old black male to a pasture owned by Druery's family. Druery forced the victim exit the vehicle and shot him repeatedly at close range. Druery took the victim's cash, cell phone, pager and a bag of Marijuana and set his body on fire.

Ronnie Hyde

Prior Occupation: Laborer

Prior Prison Record: #540968 on 20 year sentence from Cherokee County for 1 count of Criminal Attempt of Murder (involved Hyde and one co-defendant Kidnapping a 33 year old white male at gun point from his residence, binding him with electrical and duct tape and forcing him into the trunk of his car and pushing it into the Nueces River. The car did not completely submerge and the victim survived.), released on mandatory supervision on 9/1/1994 to Cherokee County.

Summary of Incident: On 5/8/1998 in Bedias, Hyde burglarized the residence of a 72 year old white male. Hyde had worked for the victim in previous weeks, and therefore was acquainted with the victim. Hyde beat the victim in the head with a hammer, killing him. Hyde took $1,000 and fled on foot.

Carl Blue

Prior Occupation: Laborer

Prior Prison Record: None

Summary of Incident: Convicted in the murder of Carmen Richards-Sanders. Blue, who once dated his victim, went to her apartment on George Bush Drive in College Station with a cup of gasoline. When Richards-Sanders opened the door, Blue doused her in gasoline and ignited her clothing with a lighter. Blue then threw the remaining gasoline on a second person in the apartment, Lawrence Williams, when he attempted to come to the aid of Richards-Sanders and ignited his clothing. Richards-Sanders died of her burns at Herman Hospital in Houston on September 7, 1994. Williams survived his injuries. Blue turned himself into police, saying the incident was a prank and the victim's death accidental.