A&M Students Voice Safety Concerns to CS Council

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Some Texas A&M students say safety is an issue in the Northgate entertainment district. Now they are taking their concerns to College Station City Council and the police department.

"We're trying to take an approach to make this a well known issue to city council and hopefully they can recognize there is a need," said Jim Carlson, Texas A&M Student Government President.

The need, according to them, is a safe environment. Carlson says Northgate has developed a bad reputation. He and other members of student government put together a presentation to address some of the safety issues.

"I'd like to hear what they have to say and establish a closer working relationship where we exchange ideas on a frequent basis," said Chief Michael Clancey, College Station Police Department.

Some students’ safety concerns stem from recent assaults on international students. In their presentation to council, student government representatives are requesting things like better lighting, more emergency phones and more sidewalks.

"We don't know that this will completely fix the problem, but if we can make a small indention then we're successful," said Carlson.

Chief Clancey agrees with students.

"These are things that perhaps we need to take another look at and see how we are accomplish our goal for providing a safe environment," said Clancey.

Carlson says the presentation to council is a step in the right direction, but he won't be completely satisfied until action is taken.

"We just want to see something happen and I recognize that this takes time and it takes patience but we're asking them to work as quickly as they can," said Carlson.