Residents Work to Bring an Animal Shelter to Burleson County

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"I really don't have a home here anymore it's pretty much been taken over by the animals," said Laura Gomes, Burleson County resident.

Laura Gomes loves animals and when she recognized Burleson County had a problem with stray animals, she sold most of her assets and opened an animal shelter out of her home.

"I just needed funds so I sold the rental properties and put the money into this building and into the cost of operations," she said.

According to Gomes and other residents, the stray animals in the county are out of control.

"There're all over you see dogs hit on the highway, you see them running around without tags or collars or anything like that," said Jinnie Boldger, Burleson County resident.

Gomes says is doing all she can to help stay animals but the problem is county-wide and she needs more help. After many years of using her property as a home for stray animals, Gomes says she is tired and knows that she can't go on forever.

"I'd probably be retired if I weren't doing this," said Gomes.

Many have noticed the problem is only getting worse and now concerned residents are actively trying to build a county run animal shelter.

"You can take them to Brenham, you can take them to Bryan College (Station), you can take them to Bellville, but there is nothing in Burleson," said Boldger.

Residents are moving in the right direction. Gomes has already gained support from the county judge and numerous residents, but they still have a way to go and volunteers are needed.

"If you like animals, be a hero," said Boldger.