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University Police Increase Security In Campus Residence Halls

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This school year, Texas A&M students can expect to see more COPS in and around their residence halls. Community Oriented Policing Services or COPS is a new program in conjunction with university police and the Department of Residence Life and now police officers will be more visible on campus.

"The department of security and the university police are going to increase patrols within the residents halls, especially with an emphasis on foot patrol," said Lt. Christopher Faulkner, University Police Department.

Police say students are often so concerned with school, that they are not thinking about safety. An incident last year in the dorms caused police to examine ways to increase security. Now with the COPS program, police will operate remote stations in campus dorms twice a week.

University police are taking these extreme measures to ensure students are safe and one of their first priorities is developing better relationships with students.

"The COPS program is to introduce to students to police officers in a more friendly atmosphere, in a more congenial atmosphere where they can be approached and talk about problems that are occurring," said Faulkner.

COPS is not the only security measure on campus, students can also expect to see more officers making their rounds on foot.

"We're prepared to deal with anything that comes along. We're hoping we don't have an increase in violent crimes, but there's always that chance," said Sgt. Allan Baron, University Police Department.

With students now taking over campus and the books about to open, police say this new program can only help alleviate crime on campus.