Defense Hammers Away at Key Witness

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Defense attorneys spent the day chipping away at the prosecutions case in the capital murder trial of Timothy Lewis. Friday they spent hours cross examining Lewis's ex-wife, Virginia Adams- formerly Virginia Lewis.

Defense attorneys focused on Virginia's Adams testimony and the information she provided to detectives before and after Lewis was arrested.

Adams, who divorced Lewis earlier this year, spent most of the day on the stand. She didn't show any emotion as she described her last days spent with her son Tyrone Fenner Jr, the 4-year-old Lewis is accused of killing.

Defense attorney David Barron, often referred to transcripts of interviews between Adams and detectives and pointed out discrepancies in the details she gave.

Adams said she didn't know why she lied to police, but admitted that Lewis *never* told her what to tell authorities. When quizzed on the details surrounding the day her son died, Adams said she couldn't remember.

Barron spent a portion of cross examination asking Adams about her state of mind and the stresses of raising three children. He also asked if she had an insurance policy on Tyrone. She responded that she did in the amount of $10,000.

Barron also questioned the tactics detectives used to get Adams to cooperate. He implied that Adams may have only implicated Lewis in the murder after learning her two living children could be taken away or that she could be jailed.

The trial resumes on Monday.