A&M: Nuclear Science Center is Secure

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Texas A&M issued a statement after viewing ABC's Primetime broadcast Thursday. The investigative report looked into the security at a number of university nuclear reactors.

The Nuclear Science Center at A&M was featured prominently in the report. The director of the facility, Dan Reece, issued the following statement:

“Our research reactor is in full compliance with all current federal regulations. The benefits to the public by production of medical isotopes, tracers used in medicine and industry, applications of nuclear technology and basic research are tremendous. Because the safety of our students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community is of utmost importance to us, our Nuclear Science Center staff continually monitors both Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommendations and the research test reactor community to maintain 'best practices' in terms of safety.”

ABC News also reported the uranium at the NSC is weapons-grade. According to Texas A&M, "weapons-grade" uranium is 90-percent-enriched, and that they have 60-percent enriched material.