Experts Advise Getting Heater Checked Before Winter

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It's that time of year when the temperatures begin to drop and we turn on the heat to stay warm.

Richard Benavides with Climate Doctors of B/CS says its best to service your system in the beginning of spring and fall to avoid problems.

This allows for technicians to make sure motors are running, and to check that cycle units, flame sensors, and roll out switches are safe.

When checking the A/C and heater system the first thing he does is to make sure the flue pipe is clear of insects,animals, dust and debris from the roof to inside the house.

And experts say using a gas stove as a quick fix for heat can be damaging to your health.

"The last thing you want to do is catch your house on fire or introduce carbon monoxide into your home," said Benavides.

It's important to stay warm. When having problems with your heater, be sure to put your safety first and have a technician over to examine any issues.