Area School Districts Vote on "Excess" Funds

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Voters in two Brazos Valley school districts headed to the polls Saturday to decide how to disburse the funds the state says they have to get rid of.

Both Franklin and Burton ISDs have been declared property "rich" districts by the state.

That means they could send a certain amount of money back to the Texas Education Association. That was Proposition One on both ballots.

They can also partner with a property "poor" district and share the funds with them. That was Proposition Two on both.

The districts can also vote on a combination of the two.

Voters in both school districts overwhelmingly approved both propositions on today's ballots.

In Franklin, voters passed proposition one 246 to 6.

Proposition 2 passed with 240 for and 12 against.

The results were very similar in Burton, with 266 voting in favor of Proposition One, while 17 voted against.

And Proposition Two passed 256-18.

Partnering with a district is not the same as a merger or consolidation.

School trustees will now decide what's best for both districts.

School officials say the boards will decide by January.

The first check is due in February.