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Baby Safely Returned

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Huntsville police are breathing a sigh of relief after the safe return of a newborn baby boy. Authorities say the mother fled the with the baby to prevent CPS from taking custody after she and the baby tested positive for drugs. But the mother may not be charged with a crime.

24 year old Samantha Corley is behind bars at the Walker County jail, charged with child endangerment. But she may not be there for long. Police think she may be better off in a mental health facility.

Corley took matters into her own hands after a judge ordered C-P-S to take her baby boy away due to her drug use. She fled with the baby from Huntsville's Hospital and ended up leaving baby Colby on the front porch of a friend's house in Riverside.

" Dispatch received a call from the lady in Riverside that was at a Diamond Shamrock and she said she had the baby we were looking for. The lady was very distraught, she was very upset because she was afraid Samantha would harm herself," said Detective Slavin Richards with Huntsville Police Department.

Corley was picked up early Wednesday morning in Trinity and taken to jail. CPS workers were concerned when baby Colby was found because he was shaking. He was taken to Texas Children's hospital in Houston for observations and said to be doing well.

Huntsville police attribute the Amber Alert and the efforts of everyone working together for the safe return of baby Colby.

" All the media coverage, all the assistance we got from Trinity P.D., the F.B.I. And Walker County sheriff's office. Just everybody that was involved, C.P.S., the hospital staff, " said Richards.

Trinity County CPS does have custody of baby Colby. He will be placed in a foster home as soon as he is released from the hospital.
Police say Samantha Corley will undergo psychiatric evaluation soon.