No Evacuations Were Made After Bomb Threat At Local Movie Theater

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Last night hundreds of people waited in line for the Twilight Breaking Dawn Premier,

These two movie goers were caught up in the excitement of the premier, unaware of a bomb threat that had just been called in.

"We should have been told if everything was clear. They should have told us this is what happened and everything is fine now; we just want to give you a heads up," said Mckenzie.

Cheryl Castaneda, a Caldwell mother of two was worried about her safety after hearing the news

"If they could clear the whole A&M, they could clear this little theater," said Castaneda.

Those we spoke to say even though they didn't know about a threat, they should have had an option to leave.

Premiere management says last night's threat was nothing but a hoax. Management said the decision to evacuate was ultimately left to the police.

Bryan Police followed routine protocol.

"It's in our general orders that the manager of the establishment is the one responsible for that premise and to make the decision to evacuate," said Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department.

Police say they did a sweep. Both police and management say they wanted to avoid a situation of panic.

Police say if caught the person who called in the bomb threat could be charged with a false report, which is a $4,000 dollar fine or up to a year in prison. He or she could also face a charge for a terroristic threat.