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Gas Prices Increase, So Does Security at the Pump

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As gas prices continue to soar, gas stations are keeping a closer eye on gas-nabbers.

"It seems like I've had to drive more since gas prices went up because I’ve had to spend a lot more money on gas," says driver Keesha Nelson-Brown.

"We were supposed to go on a vacation, we haven't been there yet and probably won't go now," says Charles Richard.

Paying almost $3 at the pump is something drivers don't like, but unfortunately are getting used to.

"I live close to where I work, which is good cause I don't have to use that much gas. I'd think twice about it now before I just take off and go somewhere," says driver Michael Holliday.

While drivers worry about having to pay for gas, some stations are taking measures to prevent them from driving off.

"We have 16 cameras on site, color and digital. Five pointed at each pump and one on each exit. So I have two on the exits," says Drew Congleton, owner of Gateway Express.

Along with their installed cameras, they also make drivers pay inside after dark.

"I'm more concerned about it cause prices are going up. But we're really experiencing same number of drive offs as we always do," says Congleton.

Just down the road, at the Exxon on Hwy. 6 and William J. Bryan, the clerks are taking down license plate numbers before you can fuel up. Customers are not surprised stations are going to the extent to make sure they get their money.

"Crime is gonna go up because either people are gonna steal gas or steal other things that they don't have money for," says Keesha.

Some clerks even lose money out of their paycheck, if a drive off happens during their shift.

"I think people are getting used to it and I think they need to because I don't believe they're going down anytime soon," says Congleton.