Both Sides Rest in Lewis Trial

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Monday began the second week of testimony in the trial of Timothy Lewis. Lewis is charged in the death of his stepson, Tyrone Fenner Jr. The defense spent the day painting a picture of confusion and uncertainty surrounding Fenner's death.

The state and the defense rested its case in the capital murder trial of Timothy Lewis on Monday. The prosecution rested its case following the testimony from an Austin medical examiner.

Dr. Elizabeth Peacock performed the autopsy on Tyrone Fenner Jr after he was taken off life support in July 2004. She concluded that brain injury due to severe head trauma was the cause of death. She also testified that Fenner had a zero percent chance of survival.

Defense attorneys re-called witnesses for the start of their case today including Fenner's mother, Virginia Adams, and Adams' sister. Adams' sister testified that she was on the phone with Virginia the night her nephew was injured.

Defense attorney, David Barron, questioned her on the conversation she had with a detective the day after the four year old was taken to the hospital.

The defense also called Timothy Lewis' mother to the stand. She testified that she overheard Adams say she was going to tell the police she (Adams) did it so they would leave her alone.

Adams denied making the statement. Lewis chose not to testify in his own defense.

Closing arguments will take place Tuesday morning and the jury will be dismissed for deliberations.