18-Wheeler Jackknifes Within Feet of Reporter, Emergency Crews

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, Texas The icy roads in and around Bryan-College Station Tuesday morning proved to be dangerous not only for drivers, but for the KBTX News crews covering the many accidents.

Bad weather was blamed for an accident along Highway 6, just north of Hearne. Around 7:15, a red Chevy pickup skidded off the road and into the median. No one was hurt, but tow truck operators had a little trouble loading the vehicle onto their truck because of an accumulation of ice on the loading bed.

While this was going on, a semi truck skidded off the road on the opposite side, mere feet away.

News 3's David Norris was on scene covering the first accident. His camera was rolling as the State Trooper, already on scene, rushed to the semi truck, opened the door and pulled the driver to safety.

The driver was shaken up, but appeared to be okay.

His truck didn't fare quite so well. The rig lay lifeless and jackknifed on the side of the highway, with diesel fuel leaking from its tanks.

Emergency crews, including Robertson County Sheriff's Deputies and firefighters with the Hearne Fire Department rushed to the scene.

As for the first accident, DPS officials said no one was seriously hurt.