A Matrimonial Money-Back Guarantee

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Ah, the wedding ring. They come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and designs. But they all symbolize unending love and commitment.

So what happens -- heaven forbid -- if that commitment fades?

"It has been a point of contention in several divorces," said family law attorney Larry Catlin. "And the problem is when it's a very short marriage. Usually the husband wants to have the wedding ring back from the spouse. And nowadays, we're seeing husbands spend a lot of money."

That's where John D. Huntley comes in.

This fine jewelry dealer has come up with up he thinks is a fine deal. Basically, if you buy your ring from John and your marriage bombs, you get a full refund.

"Most jewelry stores people go in and spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring," Huntley said. "They get married and then if something happens to the relationship after they get married, they can't get anything out of it."

Now before you get any ideas, there are some conditions in John's offer known as the "We Guarantee the Romance" deal.

There's what could be called the "Doomed From the Start" clause, which means the deal applies only to marriages that begin and end in one year.

And there's the "Oh No You Don't" rule, which states only the person who bought the ring is entitled to the full refund.

John says he got the idea from one of his customers. And to skeptics, he says he isn't trying to untie the knots.

"I hope I don't refund anything and everybody stays together and it's great," Huntley said.

And who knows, it could start a trend.

"Well, I think if he can get the car dealers and big screen TV people to do the same thing, he's got a business going for him," Catlin said.

But for now, the "We Guarantee the Romance" offer only applies to rings. So if you are about to get hitched and your feet are feeling a little frosty, before you give your sweetie a ring, you may want to give John a ring.