Saddam Hussein's Trial Ends For Now

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There'll be a long break between the first and second sessions of Saddam Hussein's murder trial. It opened Wednesday and won't resume until November 28th.

Saddam was in court in Baghdad for about three hours Wednesday. And during the opening session, push came to shove.

The trial started with Saddam arguing with the presiding judge over the legitimacy of the court. The opening session ended with Saddam shaking off and then struggling with two guards who tried to hold his arms after he asked to step out of the room. Eventually Saddam walked out on his own with the guards behind him.

Asked if he pleaded guilty or innocent to the charges against him, Saddam replied he was "not guilty" and the presiding judge read out a plea of "Innocent."

Saddam and seven others are facing charges that include pre-meditated murder and torture.