Relief Donations Distributed

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Hurricane evacuees began collecting supplies Saturday morning at the distribution center at 29th and Carter Creek in Bryan. One New Orleans family says they're thankful for the generosity of the Brazos Valley.

Saturday was distribution day for the hundreds of Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Bryan/College Station. Clothes and personal items donated by Brazos Valley residents were given to evacuees.

The Clayton family of New Orleans is grateful for the center because they only packed enough clothes for a few days.

“I can't thank everybody enough for donating all the things that they've donated," said Sheri Sanders.

"I want to thank everybody for everything they've donated and contributed because we need it," said Elliott Lacy.

Shantell Clayton of Bryan is housing 20 members of her family and is also thankful the community is helping to supply their needs.

"I can't afford to buy everybody the personal items and so it's good that someone is trying to give them things they need," said Shantell Clayton.

Dozens of volunteers worked through the day, sorting and organizing tons of donations.

"It's been a wonderful experience to see the amount of people that have come from the community to help volunteer and the out and the out pouring from the community and everything that has be donated," said volunteer Lisa Grimes.

The Claytons say they know they're fortunate to have access to basic necessities and watch in horror as those stuck in New Orleans wait for help.

"I cry everyday. I see people that I know, people that I work with. I'm a nurse’s assistant and I saw a lot of my patients sitting outside the dome with nothing," said Mary Chesterfield.

The Claytons say they love New Orleans but don't know if they'll ever be able to return and rebuild. For know they are focusing on getting the things they need day by day.