More Evacuees Make Their Way to the Brazos Valley

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Evacuees are still coming in to the processing area at the Brazos Center, where they're being assigned a shelter. Reed Arena will be accepting up to 350 evaucees as of Sunday morning.

As additional evacuees enter the community, they are directed by signage to register at The Brazos Center in Bryan before being directed to the appropriate shelter.

Five buses holding hundreds of evacuees from Hurricane Katrina were escorted by the Department of Public Safety and drove to the Brazos Center around 10 Saturday evening. Folks were checked in and medically treated if necessary before heading to Reed Arena.

Emergency officials are asking locals to please respect the privacy of our neighboring visitors and stay away from the shelters and the Brazos Center.

If you would like to help out, they ask you please call 211 for more information.

As of Sunday morning, Lincoln Recreation Center has 95 evacuees, Christ United Methodist has 17, and Reed Arena will be holding the latest evacuees that came in from Dallas.