Guilty Verdict

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It took 16 hours of deliberations, but the jury did come to a verdict in the Timothy Lewis capital murder trial. After coming close to a deadlock, a unanimous decision was finally reached Thursday afternoon.

The jury found 27-year-old Timothy Lewis guilty of capital murder in the death of his four-year-old stepson. Lewis put his head down after the verdict was read.

"We the jury find the defendant, Timothy Lewis, guilty of capital murder," said Judge J.D. Langley when he announced the jury's verdict.

The courtroom was silent after Judge Langley read the guilty verdict. Lewis was then sentenced to life in prison. Defense attorney's David Barron and Billy Carter were stunned.

"We're very disappointed. After 16 hours of the jury deliberation we thought that they would hang up," said Barron.

Prosecutor Shane Phelps credits the investigation of College Station's police department and detectives for providing the evidence he needed to present the case.

"I'm very satisfied that this little 4 year old boy has gotten some justice. I'm very satisfied that the jury's verdict disappears any question of anybody doing this other than this defendant," said Phelps.

During the trial the defense often implied that Lewis's ex-wife, Virginia Adams, may have been involved in the death of her own son, Tyrone Fenner Jr. But it wasn't enough to plant reasonable doubt in the jury's mind.

Barron does plan to appeal and request a new trial. For now Lewis will be sent to Huntsville to get processed for prison.