Verdict Impacts Families

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The man accused of beating his four-year-old stepson to death is sentenced to life in prison. The verdict concludes the Timothy Lewis capital murder trial. But the victim's father says the pain of losing his son will never end.

The last time Tyrone Fenner Sr. saw his son, Tyrone Fenner Jr., he suffered severe brain damage and doctors said he had no chance of survival.

Although Timothy Lewis was found guilty of murdering Tyrone Jr., Fenner Sr. says it brings him little comfort and that he's still seeking the truth in his son's death.

" I know he did it but I know he wasn't the only one that was involved in my sons murder," said Tyrone Fenner Sr.

Tyrone Jr. was Fenner's only son. Now, all he has are fond memories of the precious moments they spent together.

" My son is gone. I go through it everyday. I see other men with their kids and it takes a big toll," said Fenner.

But the impact of the verdict isn't just limited to one family.

" When I first met Tim, he was quiet and stayed to himself," said Demetria Gray.

Gray has a nine-year-old son with Lewis. She says she does not believe Lewis murdered Tyrone. Gray says her son is having a hard time coping with the realization that his father could be locked up in prison for the rest of his life.

"He knows that his dad didn't do that. That upsets him and he talks about it all the time, he asks, 'Why is my daddy locked up in there and he didn't do anything," said Gray.

Both families say they will rely on their faith to get them through the tough times.

Lewis's attorney plans to file for an appeal. Lewis will be sent to Huntsville to be processed for prison.