Housing for Senior Citizen Evacuees

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As we continue to bring you the stories of hurricane evacuees in the Brazos Valley, we want to highlight the good works of one retirement community that is providing homes for senior citizens.

Hurricane Katrina displaced scores of senior citizens. They are the evacuees who have needs beyond that of an average family. That's why volunteers and staff at Waldenbrooke Estates Retirement Community in Bryan offered up their services. They furnished 50 apartments for senior evacuees.

" I have done the math to go along with this and Waldenbrooke is going to be donating half a million dollars worth of services once this is done," said Sylvial Villarreal with Waldenbrooke Estates.

82 year old Doris Anderson of New Orleans is now a resident of Waldenbrooke. She left Louisiana with her daughter Cheryl and son in law Greg.

" I don't know what I would have done to tell you the truth, if it had not been for them. I don't know where I would have went, I love my family," said Anderson.

Now Ms Anderson is calling the staff and residents at Waldenbrooke her family. Waldenbrooke is providing her with a free, furnished apartment, and 3 meals a day.

The family spent a few nights in a hotel and a shelter, but say it was tough because Ms. Anderson is a diabetic and suffers from arthritis. So Greg and Cheryl were relieved when they got word Waldenbrooke was providing apartments and medical care for the elderly.

' We really appreciate the kindness of, the hospitality that they have bestowed to us. They're very warm, very chartable,' said Greg Cummings, Anderson's son in law.

" I've been very blessed to meet the right people along the way," said Anderson.

Ms Anderson and her family say they have contantly relied on their faith to help them through the ordeal.

" It has been a burden,it has been a trial, but I thank God that he has brought us out this far," said Anderson.

Waldenbrooke Estates still has about 15 apartments available for senior citizens. Call 774-1298 for more information.