What Tax Rates Mean to You

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Taxes. Figuring them out can be a daunting task. So we spoke with the experts in the field. Chief Deputy Tax Assessor Collector, Kristy Roe explains how the tax rate is set.

" We start with the new value that that jurisdiction has to tax. We look at how much money the jurisdiction had on their tax rate from last year and how much value they have to tax this year and we calculate a rate that will bring in the same money this year as last year," said Roe.

Cities and counties then take that rate, which is known as the effective rate, and begin their budget process. Then they set a tax rate that brings in enough money for the budget.

Brazos county, College Station, and College Station ISD lowered its rate this year. Bryan's rate stayed the same, and Bryan ISD's rate went up.

In comparison to a home valued at $100,000, in conjunction with the tax rate, Brazos county, College Station, and College Station ISD are slightly lower. Bryan stayed the same and Bryan ISD's were slightly higher.