Escaped OK Killer Recaptured at A&M

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US Marshals had an idea that 39-year-old Aaron Olsen was heading south after breaking out of an Oklahoma correctional facility October 16. But the search for the convicted murderer ended when he landed at Texas A&M.

Olsen was convicted of first degree murder and was serving a life sentence in Lexington, Oklahoma, when he and a fellow inmate, dressed as security guards, broke out of prison.

Just three days later, Olsen's accomplice was arrested in Oklahoma, but Olsen remained on the loose. With family in the midwest, authorities believed he might head north.

Instead, they were tipped off that Olsen was heading south, and then that he might be in the Brazos Valley. Friday morning, Olsen was spotted sleeping in Rudder Tower, and a security guard there recognized him from a description. When he was asked for his name, Olsen gave an alias, one US Marshals had on file for him. The guard radioed to University Police as Olsen then began moving towards the Evans Library.

"They came in from all directions, contacted the individual, immediately detained him and identified him, and then contacted the Marshal services that we possibly had the man they were looking for," said Kary Shaffer with University Police. "We don't have a lot of wanted murder suspects and escapees out of Oklahoma running around, so it's a big deal."

Olsen was taken to Brazos County Jail. Marshals will eventually take him back to Oklahoma. But the search is over, one so expansive that he was featured as a fugitive on America's Most Wanted.