Texas Task Force One Returns

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An elite force made up of heroes from around the state returned home today after rescuing thousands stranded by Hurricane Katrina. About 130 members of Texas Task Force One returned to headquarters in College Station after a along 10 days of service.

Texas Task Force One spent a grueling week in New Orleans traveling through 10 feet of flood water following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

" We pulled hundreds and hundreds of people out over the water and got them to safety and got them out of a bad situation," said Dawn Clopton, with the urban search and rescue team.

Clopton says she will never forget the dramatic rescue of an 80 year old woman.

" She had been standing in her house leaned up against her couch holding on to a floating foot stool from the day that the flood waters came up," said Clopton.

Clopton and the other crew members were able to get the woman the medical attention she so desperately needed and later found out she was o.k. Clopton says she can only hope that was the case with everyone else the team rescued.

Rescue teams did face some opposition from a few who didn't want to leave their homes, but most were glad to see help had arrived.

" For the most part they were very, very happy to get out of the area to get out of the water which is so contaminated right now," said Jim Yeager, with the swift water rescue team.

Despite being in a dangerous situation, no one from the rescue teams were injured.

" We're glad to be home. We're glad we were there to help the people," said Yeager.

Texas Task Force One was involved in approximately 7,000 rescues and evacuations in the downtown New Orleans area.